Welcome to Pepperell Baptist Church

                                    Calendar of Events



Sundays:                 6:00 PM   Youth in Action
Wednesdays          6:00 PM Youth Bible Study
                                   6:00 PM Prayer Meeting
                                   7:00 PM  Choir Practice  




Wed, July 3       No prayer meeting
Thurs, July 4     INDEPENDENCE DAY
Sun, July 7        6:00 PM  James Brown Trio
Sun, July 14       Commissioning Service—Master Builders
July 14-19         MASTER BUILDERS TRIP to Lynn Haven, Florida
Mon-Thurs July 29-August 1, 6:00 PM—8:00 PM
                                  VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL




DISHES:  Several dishes have accumulated in the kitchen from food brought to funerals or fellowships.  Please check your cabinets and see if you are missing  dishes.  Check the kitchen and claim any that are yours!  We need the space!!

THE JAMES BROWN TRIO will be our special guests on  Sunday, July 7, at 6:00 PM.  Plan now to attend and bring your friends.

MASTER BUILDERS:   Pray for Master Builders as they plan for the trip to Lynn Haven, Florida.    Chyron, Dr. Bill King and Lynda are going on an advanced trip on Tuesday, July 1 to check out the situation.  Pray for them as they travel.



 Morning Worship
Fri, Sept 28
11:00 AM Widow’s Meeting
6:30—9:00 PM Final Friday—Youth Meeting



June 6                        Linda Chance
June 8                        Annette Hardy
June 10                      Lynda Wood
June 12                      Erica Henley
June 16                      Lexie Carroll
June 18                      Terry Cross
June 20                      Lamar Hodge
June 20                      Ashleigh Cross
June 23                      Lisa Barron
June 24                      James Chance
June 29                      Reba Henley
June 30                      Lisa Harris